Huai’an Crystal Palace Beluga Water Park Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huai’an Xiyou Industrial Group Co., Ltd, is in charge of the construction and operation of four themed lands—Wonderful Land, Polar Ocean, Water Park and Snow World. 
        Crystal Palace Beluga aims to help promote Xiyou (also known as Journey to the West, one of Chinese classics) culture with the theme of the dragon palace depicted in Journey to the West. It is an integration of various new-type entertainment projects such as marine ecological culture, water amusement equipment, cultural stages and virtual acts.
        Targeting home entertainment with the management principal of “Love Together, Play Together”, Huai’an Crystal Palace Beluga Water Park Co., Ltd. strives to offer a new type of experiential home entertainment project, which is an embodiment of unity, innovation, themed lands, role play and happiness.